June’s Lake Palestine Homes For Sale

June’s Lake Palestine Homes For Sale

In this post, we’ll talk about

  • what’s in the Lake Palestine area,
  • why you should buy in the neighborhood, and
  • June’s Lake Palestine homes for sale.

What’s in the Area?

Lake Palestine is known for its massive waters—the giant, 25,600-acre lake with 135 miles of shoreline. It sits near four counties:

  • Anderson County,
  • Cherokee County,
  • Henderson County, and
  • Smith County.

Anderson County, best known for its beauty, is home to the Dogwood Trails Festival. This annual festival is held in Davey Dogwood Park. Several activities are held and planned out here, including a farmers market, art walk, and the Dogwood Festival. If you’re looking for a fun, family trip, this is definitely worth checking out!

Cherokee County, 130 miles south of Dallas and 160 miles above Houston, is a land rich in minerals. Over half the land is covered in various hardwood trees. The soil is also very colorful; perhaps that’s where it got the nickname “Redland.”

Henderson County is one of the larger counties. Each year, they host the Heritage Syrup Festival, and they have a seasonal farmer’s market. Downtown Henderson is also home to various shops and eateries, from antique stores to BBQ restaurants.

Smith County is the most populated of the mentioned cities. Containing big cities, such as Tyler and Lindale, this area has many places to adventure. The cities have movie theatres, many restaurants, and promising shops scattered throughout the area.

Why Should You Buy In Lake Palestine?

When looking for June’s Lake Palestine homes for sale, our real estate has just what you need. But why the area? What makes Lake Palestine so special?

As someone who’s lived in the area for over twenty years, Kevin Taylor knows just what you need.

To begin, the neighborhood sits on a lake. The activities available here are endless, from boating to romantic cruises. The area is definitely worth checking out. There are also several shops sitting on the shore of Lake Palestine, and boating docks are available for your use.

If you’re looking for a lakeside property, Lake Palestine is definitely one of the better options.

June’s Lake Palestine Homes For Sale

June's Lake Palestine Homes For Sale - Home 1

First up, we have a house hidden away in the trees. This getaway home sits in a small neighborhood, and it’s a beautiful opportunity to own lakeside property. This property includes:

  • 2 Bedrooms,
  • 2 Bathrooms,
  • 2,653 sq/ft, and
  • 1.361 acres.

Made back in 1977, this residential home is a nice-sized family getaway home. Only put on the market this June, this home won’t be on the market long! This $675,000 home, resting in Frankston Texas is definitely one worth Checking Out.

June's Lake Palestine Homes For Sale - Home 2

Second up on June’s Lake Palestine homes for sale, we have a four-bedroom home lying off Flint Texas. Made back in 2001, the residential home has been completely redone. From floor to ceiling, this home has enough space to sleep up to ten people!

The $295,000 home includes all-new furniture, each piece with its own lake-style vibes. And, with two full baths, this home is well worth the price.

It’s 1,848 sq/ft, including just over an acre. With the back porch facing the sunset, this home is a beautiful opportunity to watch the sun go down.

If you’re interested in this property, be sure to Check Out More! We’d be happy to give you more information!

Our final property sits on Sunrise Drive in Chandler Texas. Built back in 1988, this home is a residential log cabin with an open space. It includes:

  • 3 Bedrooms,
  • 2.5 Bathrooms,
  • 2,200 sq/ft, and
  • 0.440 acres.

This two-story home has two bedrooms upstairs, and a great kitchen arrangement!

As well as two stories, this home has a large, covered front porch. It overlooks the bay and has a beautiful view of the lake. The back porch is a perfect place for entertaining guests or having a barbeque. If you’re looking for the perfect vacation home, this is certainly one to Look Into.

Kevin Taylor Realty—What We Do

Kevin Taylor is dedicated to finding the right home for you. We know exactly what you need, and where you need it. With this monthly update of June’s Lake Palestine homes for sale, we can help find the right one for you.

Whether you’re looking for a large plot of land near the lake, or a small home for retirement, Kevin Taylor is just who you need. When it comes to questions or concerns, we know exactly how to handle them.

We also know finding the right home is difficult, and Lake Palestine is no exception to that—but that doesn’t mean the right one isn’t out there.

Kevin Taylor, your real estate agent, knows exactly what you need. As someone with not only experience with selling and buying homes, but also as someone who lives in the area, we know exactly what you need. Lake Palestine homes for sale could be your next waterfront house and will be the home to many memories, for you, and your family, in the years to come.


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