Lake Palestine Real Estate Activities

Lake Palestine Real Estate Activities

In this post, we’ll cover Lake Palestine real estate activities, such as

  • what there is to do around the lake,
  • what there is to do at the lake, and
  • real estate in the area

Lake Palestine Real Estate Activities—What to do Around the Lake

Two big things to do around the lake include: Waterpark at the Villages, and Village Marina.

Branching off the Holiday Inn Club, the Village Waterpark is a family-friendly vacation for everyone who enjoys a splash. It includes a lazy river and wave pool, perfect for relaxing while the kids bob around our wave pool. Also here sits a children’s playground and all sorts of slides—in fact, with over fifty slides, there are plenty of opportunities to slip and slide around! Their tickets range from thirteen to twenty dollars.

The Village Marina is also off Lake Palestine, and it has rentals for boats and stalls—perfect for a day on the water, spent boating, tubing, and skiing. There’s also a bait and tackle shop, and fishing licenses are available, giving you and your family the perfect opportunity to make catch dinner.

A fish cleaning station is open too, ready to clean up your catch for a nice meal. A fueling station also lies here, just in case. There are various tours here, and fishing charters are also available. They have spots to park boats as well, and are open year-round. Anytime you feel ready for a lake adventure, there’s space for you to go. There are two-hundred spots available, waiting for an adventure to come!

Lake Palestine Real Estate Activities—What to do At the Lake

Lake Palestine is an area like few others, best known for the giant lake that rests in its center. The lake itself is a wonderful spot for activities, whether you want to go boating, tubing, or even fishing. The lake itself is 25,500 acres, a large spot for boating and skiing. Ski rentals and boat rentals are available in the area as well, along with private guides and boating tours. Canoes and Kayaks are also ready to rent.

In addition to water sports, fishing is available here, and the stocked waters carry different species of fish, from Largemouth bass, Spotted bass, and White and hybrid striped bass, to Crappies, Catfish and Sunfish. Swimming is also allowed here, and the almost twenty miles of shoreline makes it the perfect opportunity for a day at the beach.

Lake Palestine real estate has activities all around it, and these are just a few of the nearby opportunities.

Lake Palestine Real Estate

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