May’s Lake Palestine Homes For Sale

May’s Lake Palestine Homes For Sale

Why the Lake Palestine Area?

When looking for Mays Lake Palestine homes for sale, Kevin Taylor knows just what you need. We know the area like the back of our hand. But why choose Lake Palestine? What’s so special about the area? Well, several things! In this post, we’ll cover the lake, what’s around the lake, and some of our top properties for may.

The Lake

Lake Palestine is a 25,600-acre lake, and over 135 miles of shoreline border it. It’s a beautiful place, and the property around it is amazing. Vast amounts of trees expand around it, perfect for taking a walk around the area. Whether you want to go skiing and tubing on the water, rent a boat to go on a romantic cruise, or just relax in the sun on one of the beaches, Lake Palestine has it all.

Near Lake Palestine

Not too far out from the lake is Tyler Texas. Tyler is a larger city, filled with all sorts of shops and parks. From Faulkner Park to the Caldwell Zoo, it’s filled with various activities for the entire family! Also nearby, is Flint Texas—an area with a giant waterpark and other activities. Call Kevin Taylor Realty for more information about the area!

May's Lake Palestine Homes For Sale—a front view of a beautiful homeMay’s Lake Palestine Homes For Sale

When looking for May’s Lake Palestine homes for sale, we can help you through all the questions, concerns, and worries. At Kevin Realty, we are dedicated to helping you find the perfect home. Let’s get to it! The First Home we’ll look at lies on Lakeside Drive, Flint, Texas.

May's Lake Palestine Homes For Sale—a pool-side view of a beautiful home

It is a three-bedroom, two-bath house. It has 1,399 square feet and was built back in 1970. Residing in Smith County, this home is a perfect fit for smaller families, and it sits against the shoreline. The backyard has 0.29 acres and a doc that jumps into the waters. The backyard is fenced off, and a playground sits on the land.

A wonderful shoreline property, this home is just the right fit for a small family. The price for this beautiful shoreline home is $275,000, and it is ready for a family!

Our Second Property lies on Grape Ave, Frankston, Texas. It is a three-bedroom, two-bath house, with each bath being a full-sized one. Made back in 1996, the 1,904-square-foot house lies in Henderson County. This home has an excellent water view and lies in a wonderful subdivision.

May's Lake Palestine Homes For Sale—a well-lit front on a beautiful night

There are great opportunities for walking, booking, and driving golf carts every day. Overlooking the Lake, this home has a beautiful view, while also including its own pool. The home comes with the opportunity to rest on the front porch while watching the sun set over one of Texas’ greatest lake—what’s not to love?

Our Final Home is one for a larger family. With its 4,600 square feet landscape, this modern home was built in 2022. It is a four-bedroom, five-bath house, with half an acre of land. Four of these baths are full-sized, with one being a half-bath.

The views outside the home are spectacular, overlooking the golf-course and lake it sits near. Each bedroom is unique, and they all have a special bathroom sitting of them. It has an open floor-plan, and a nice fireplace sits inside it. It costs $1,995,000, and is one of May’s Lake Palestine homes for sale. Be sure to check it out, as well as the rest of our Lake Palestine homes.

Kevin Taylor Realty

Kevin Taylor’s Lake Palestine homes for sale is dedicated to May’s Lake Palestine homes for sale and knows exactly what you need, where you need it. Whether you’re looking for a large plot of land near the lake or a small home for retirement, Kevin Taylor realty is just who you need. When it comes to questions or concerns, we know exactly how to handle them. We know finding the home is difficult, and Lake Palestine is no exception to that—but that doesn’t mean the right home isn’t out there.

Kevin Taylor, your real estate agent, knows exactly what you need. As someone with not only experience with selling and buying homes, but also as someone who lives in the area, we know exactly what you need. Lake Palestine homes for sale could be your next waterfront house, and will be the home to many memories, for you, and your family, in the years to come.


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